YouPlanogram - Retail merchandising audit software for businesses with field representatives, merchandisers or field auditor

YouPlanogram - retail merchandising audit YouPlanogram - retail merchandising audit

Why YouPlanogram?

For brands, it is time consuming and expensive to check planogram compliance, promotions, price alignments, out-of-stock and competitor activities in retail.

YouPlanogram solves this by giving your field reps an app that they can run on their own mobile devices and report all the market intelligence data back to you with ease.

YouPlanogram - Getting Started

Benefits for field reps

  • Perform your field audits quicker with fewer clicks
  • No internet connect required - work all day offline and sync later
  • Automatic timesheet reports for managers
  • See all your locations around you - plan your journey more efficiently
  • Optimize your route - save time

Benefits for operation managers

  • Perform planogram compliance checks and get the automatic reports on the following retail merchandising audit activities:
    • Photo audits
    • Out-of-stock
    • Planogram compliance
    • Product placements and prices
    • Competitor prices and promotions
    • Share of shelf
    • Distribution
    • Promotion
    • Orders and returns
  • Track your field sales reps and see when they check-in at each location
  • Collect timesheet information
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